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Heidi the rabbit!

Heidi has arthritis in her knees and hips so to help with the pain, she swims a few times a week!

Sometimes she wears a scrunchie on her ears so that they don’t get wet!

“sometimes she wears a scrunchie on her ears so that they don’t get wet”

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I am a princess

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can you imagine what would happen if arthur weasley discovered google 

The Harry Potter books are set in the early 90’s. I bet that he discovered the Internet around 2000, and was captivated. He probably spent years getting the Ministry to adopt wi-fi, and now he spends his lunch breaks perusing Wikipedia. At home he has a state-of-the-art computer rig with like four massive monitors and he marathons “How It’s Made” on Netflix.

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Scarves by Shovava

Yes, I’d like all of these please

yes yes yes

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okay but why don’t more people talk about Night at the Museum like


poc characters and people being portrayed by poc people


this movie is so good


and it has one of the funniest, best, most ridiculous friendships in movie history


and you have Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt I mean


and if all that didn’t convince you there’s also a t-Rex skeleton that plays fetch with one of its own ribs




zuko + text posts (part one)

i don’t care if it’s been done before this is so much fun

part two is coming

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I just love getting cat-called TWICE in front of my own house while doing the veeeery sexy task of putting a sticker on my car, just because I thought there was no point in putting a t-shirt on over my sports bra on a HOT day while I would be outside for a total of about 3 minutes.

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Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College
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cookie dough stuffed cupcakes


Pink Fairy Armadillo 

Known as the smallest species of armadillo, the pink fairy armadillo has a body that is approximately 90-115 millimeters in length, excluding the tail. It is called pink fairy armadillo because its body is pale rose or pink in color. What makes this animal special is that it can bury itself completely in just a few seconds when it is scared.

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ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, I give you

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, with the vocal part replaced with a single pitch shifted sample of a duck quacking

?????  ??????? ? ? ? ??? ? ?? ?? ? ??


It sounds like something that’d be in animal crossing

I was gonna not reblog this, but….

Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue


Ok so I haven’t seen the new episode yet, but I have to say I’m already really disappointed that they’re giving Clara a boyfriend. It will be Amy and Rory all over again, and them both being companions really grated on me. (I liked Amy and Rory as separate characters, and I even liked their relationship, but their situation and the writing provided for them was really atrocious, in my opinion). I wouldn’t care so much if there was just a new male companion on his own, although I will always be pro more-women-on-Doctor-Who, but Moffat is setting up to put more men on the screen than women AGAIN and I wouldn’t be surprised if the small amount of agency and independence that Clara had in the second half of season 7 (which was surprising and refreshing) gets demolished. I don’t want the balance of male/female agency to be thrown off yet again, and unless the writing is really stellar (and who are we kidding) I feel like this is just a set up for more of the same bullshit we’ve been treated to since Moffat took over and became complacent enough in his position to just spew out garbage with no care for anyone else’s opinions.

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“Fans have taken Brody’s do-anything attitude and run with it. Video artist Neil Cicierega made two much-remixed online videos—Brodyquest and Brodyquest 2—where the actor travels the world, becomes a rock star, and turns into the universe. Adrien Brody has seen Brodyquest. His dad showed it to him. “I made it my ringtone at one point,” he said. “It’s hilarious.””










Dear STFU-Moffat and associates,

From now on, I insist you describe Steven Moffat as “Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat.” Just to make sure you’re being fair.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is a queerbaiting hack

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat’s writing features sexism and overly complicated plots that don’t really make any sense.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat has characters needlessly tell the viewer information that he should be showing them.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is incapable of creating real emotional stakes in his stories.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat calls teenage mother a ‘slut’ in DVD commentary

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat says bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch television, and therefore don’t need representing.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks asexuals are too boring to write about. 

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat uses heavily racist stereotypes and tropes to represent his poc characters.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat can’t write female characters well unless they further the plot of a man.